He is the man who lived the idea of setting up Soul Studios for nearly five years before it started. Our founder, Vaibhav Kathuria aka Chinki as he is admiringly addressed by his lovely friends and folks, is somebody who possesses immense creativity. Unlike many who have wished to give their idea or dream a shape the sooner they can, Vaibhav has never believed in the ticking between those two needles of the Clock. He nurtured his idea of photography slow and in a beautiful pace, giving no competition to anybody, and finally decided to give the skeleton its Skin in 2013. A creative Jewellery Designer who gave up designing and cutting precious stones for others, moved on to capturing something that is priceless – Emotions in his Camera! Photography comes naturally to him as he has that intricate sense of admiring everything around him. There is a lot more to him – Meet him to know him!! And you will immediately get glued to his Camera cuz his magnetic aura makes it tough to get away easily.

Vaibhav Kathuria Founder, Soul Studios



A new entry in Vaibhav's creative world, his not-so-creative wife Sheenu is the one to have finally brought Vaibhav's Idea into Implementation. An aggressive corporate or the "Pushy" self (As Vaibhav addresses her), she is the one to have motivated him to Give Shape to his unprecedented ideas. She holds fort by managing the complete setup, from the studio to events.

As it is written universally "Unlike Charges attract each other": Together Vaibhav and Sheenu are an uncommon team of Creativity and Practicality!

Sheenu Kathuria Co-Founder, Soul Studios