Q: How long will my photo shoot take?

A: At least 3-4 hours is needed for photo shoots. At times, it may take a bit longer to get the images as desired by you, which is of sole importance. Hence it is advisable that you come with 5-6 hours at hand, for us to be able to bring out the best for you.

Q: How do I choose clothes for the shoot?

A:  Wear what is comfortable. Simple selection comes out to be the best. Unless the shoot is for an occasion, we suggest that you get clothes that will enhance your Smile. In case you get confused, get all your collection with you, and we will help you select the ones that would look perfect.

Q: Can we bring eatables to the shoot?

A:  It would be great if we can all meet together over a sumptuous cuisine and drinks on the day of seeing your pictures (after the shoot). For the shoot, we want you to be content with a full belly before coming. We are fine with Water

Q: What if I don't like any of the photos?

A:  Oh Gosh!!! Fault in Our Stars if at all that happens!!! We put our heart to your photoshoot, so such chances are rare: but if At All time goes against, we will gladly Re-shoot. We want you to love each and every photo of yours – That would be Our Dream Come True Moment! And we would do anything for it to come true!

Q: When will we get to see the final photos, after the shoot?

A: Once we have captured your expressions in our camera, we would need at least 2 weeks to bring that perfect look out of the lens on to the screen. While we know it would be a phase of immense curiosity for you, and would try to complete the Processing as soon as we can, we humbly request you to give us this much time to share your Photos.